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Adria was founded in 1951 in São Geraldo, Porto Alegre, by a family of Italian immigrants.

In 1999, the companies Adria, Basilar (one of the largest pasta makers in the state of São Paulo), Isabela (a leading pasta and cookie maker with a strong presence in southern Brazil), and Zabet ( a large cookie maker with a strong presence in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and several states in the Northeast) were all consolidated.

The four companies were integrated in 2001 to create Adria Alimentos do Brasil, which was founded on the strength of three regional leading brands and one with significant projection on the national scene. This merger aimed to unite the four acquisitions into a single enterprise in order to centralize strategic planning, streamline operational procedures, and enhance market opportunities with large investments in technological renovation, human resources, market research, product launches and advertising campaigns. In 2003 the entire organization was acquired by M. Dias Branco Group, of Fortaleza , a national leader in the manufacture and sale of cookies, crackers and pasta, and also acting in the wheat milling, oil refining, shortening, margarine and vegetable spread segments, plus the real estate and hotel sectors. It is present throughout Brazil.

In 2012, Adria Alimentos do Brasil Ltda. was incorporated into M. Dias Branco S/A Ind. e Com. de Alimentos, becoming a single company.

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